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npm WARN tar ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '*/node_modules/.staging/*

删除文件 package-lock.json 或者 使用cnpm install 或者 升级到node 12

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该方法只对安卓有效 1,先下载,短信转发.prf.xml xml下载 https://gist.github.com/codexss/3bf7369e7ef40372f5ea93b26692141b 2,下载,Tasker.5.14.7.apk 链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1v__ntkeZ88iwh-MIh4J6jQ 提取码: jqp7 复制这段内容后打…

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解决:Error: Cannot find module 'vue-loader-v16/package.json'

安装:npm i --save-dev vue-loader-v16 修改:babble.config.js module.exports = { presets: ["@vue/cli-plugin-babel/preset"],}; https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63504594/error-cannot-find-module-vue-loader-v16-package-json

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解决:Vue received a Component which was made a reactive object. This can lead to unnecessary performance overhead, and should be avoided by marking the component with `markRaw` or using `shallowRef` instead of `ref`

解决:这问题在vue3才会出现 不能把变量写在data里面,要写在setup函数中,并return import { Search } from '@element-plus/icons' data(){ return{ Search } }, 改成 import { Search } from '@element-plus/icons' setup(props,…

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vue3 No match found for location with path "/"

仔细检查你的路由配置文件,我这里是name字段重名,也有可能是哪里单词写错也可能造成 const routes = [ { path: '/', name: 'Home', component: Home }, { path: '/about', name: 'About', // route level code-splitting …

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